Talib Kweli Booted Off Twitter Over Allegations He And His Fans Bullied A Woman

Talib Kweli Booted Off Twitter Over Allegations He And His Fans Bullied A Woman

Page Six reported today that the rapper, Talib Kweli, had his Twitter account terminated due to allegations of bullying. The outlet says the rapper has been accused of working with his fans in a targeted harassment campaign against Maya Moody.

Jezebel was the first to report that the 44-year-old had his account permanently deleted for violating the platform’s rules, including the prohibition against harassment, violence, and lewd attacks.

Reportedly, the suspension first began in July which was around the same time that he took to his IG account to explain his departure from Twitter. The rapper said he was going to use Patreon instead.

Reportedly, Maya Moody took to her Twitter account to talk about black rappers who almost always exclusively seem to date lighter-skinned black women. She wrote, “but that’s a conversation for another day.”

Kweli wrote to her, “Nah, let’s have his convo today, I mean, is any of this really any of your business?” Jezebel says this was the start of a weeks-long battle with Maya Moody which lasted on Twitter and Instagram, facilitated by the rapper’s fans.

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It's official. I have officially left @twitter for the greener pastures of @patreon which is membership fee based. Now most of my exchanges will always be with real fans who invest in me. I spent 11 years there, all great times.. I exposed a lot of bigots and trolls and made a lot of wonderful friends. Now in addition to #PeoplesParty which is in full swing (Tiffany Haddish up next!) my new album with @diamondditc coming up and the Black Star/Madlib project on the way, you can get to hear tracks from my new solo album #CulturalCurrency exclusively on Patreon. You get to see my TV show Vibrate Higher TV exclusively on Patreon. You get to join the discussion and chat with me and other supporters exclusively on Patreon. And trust me, when you see what I've been working on out in Yellow Springs Ohio with my brothers, you're going to want to be a part of it. I love all of y'all who have already joined the Patreon (link in bio) and I will be on IG live around 9/10pm tonight spinning music and chatting with y'all about this transition tonight! Until then 🙏🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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Reportedly, it turned ugly, with people discovering her personal details and also publishing pictures of her family. On the 23rd of July, Moody documented the comments with screenshots and said she had been in constant communication with Twitter.

Kweli denied ever having participated in the fiasco, stating he has never “cyber-harassed anyone” in his entire life. He went on to say that he merely responded to the lies she said about him on Twitter. More importantly, Kweli argued how it wasn’t harassment to simply say something isn’t true about oneself.

Moody said this Wednesday as well that Talib has since started talking about Ashley Reese, the Jezebel writer. She claims Talib slanders her on his other social media platforms and at live shows, however, the rapper has denied these claims.

Fans of Kweli know he has engaged in a number of prolific projects including with stars like Mos Def, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams.