Mackenzie McKee Drags Former Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham – Says She’s Her ‘Least Favorite Person’ And More!

Mackenzie McKee Drags Former Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham – Says She’s Her ‘Least Favorite Person’ And More!

Mackenzie McKee did not hold anything back when she dragged her former Teen Mom co-star, Farrah Abraham! The reality TV star called Farrah ‘mean’ and a ‘bully’ and more.

The 25 year old made her opinion of Farrah, 29 as clear as possible.

As fans know, Mackenzie McKee was the one to replace Farrah Abraham on the popular reality show after her dramatic exit back in 2018.

Now, during the latest episode of the Domenick Nati Show, she announced, without any subtlety, that Farrah is her ‘least favorite’ person that has ever been on the MTV series.

And if you think that was harsh, that was far from everything she said about the other woman!

Mackenzie insisted that ‘She is mean. She is a genuinely mean person. She is 100 percent mean and a bully. Like, I get asked to be on a show, and I say yes. I get asked to share my story, and my mom [Angie Douthit] gets to share her story, which was the most beautiful part of it all because she wanted to, she genuinely wanted to share love and spread love. And then, the next thing we know, Farrah is in interviews saying I want to be her. She’s mean.’

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What I love about life is that God gives us free will. We can’t control the bad things others do to us or what happens to us but we CAN control what we do to others and our reaction. What others think and say about you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and out of your control. Revenge isn’t the answer, get out of Gods way and let him decide what needs to be done. So let’s take a turn and focus on what we CAN control. Everyday we wake up and get a new chance to do better, to be kind, to make a difference. We have the opportunity to get out of our comfort zones and do things we normally wouldn’t to see a positive change. We can be a better remodel, forgive, grind harder, run farther. Look at all the things you CAN control and run with it. #wordporn

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She went on to claim that some crew members on set have told her all about Farrah’s bad attitude towards those who work behind the cameras.

‘You do hear a lot of background stuff [while shooting the show]. The crews that come in, they switch in and out. They work with other girls, and sometimes they share information about what it was like working with them. When I found out how rude Farrah was to the crew, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ It’s very hard to have respect for her,’ Mackenzie stated. Yikes!

Do you agree with Mackenzie or not?