Lily Rabe Answers All Your Questions About The Undoing Finale: Did Sylvia Sleep With Jonathan?

Lily Rabe Answers All Your Questions About The Undoing Finale: Did Sylvia Sleep With Jonathan?

E!: Sylvia offered so much levity and brought some laughs to an otherwise rather serious show, yet viewers grew highly suspicious of her. What was the sneakiest thing you think she did?

LR: When Jonathan comes to her and she makes the decision not to share it with Grace. I completely understand why she did it, especially being the person that she is. It was privileged information and in the moment it happened she does believe it’s something that is behind them. She evaluates it and her assessment is, “This is my professional obligation, this privileged information is confidential.” And also, “This isn’t useful for Grace to know.”

She has to do the very difficult thing of telling Grace that she has been withholding this information, that she’s been essentially lying to her, I think her expectation is, “This might be the end of our friendship but at this point this is information I no longer can keep from her.” But then what actually happens is that the friendship gets deeper and stronger and that’s often what happens when we go through difficult things, another person ends it or it gets better.

E!: Let’s talk about the finale itself. Explain the significance of the scene in which Sylvia and Grace talk a stroll through Central Park alone. It was easy to miss but so important.

LR: On that walk I learn about—there’s a reason we don’t see it all—but she told me about, the conversation that’s happened with Jonathan’s mother. For Grace there are so many moments of doubt and so many things that continue to evolve, but that phone call with the mother is massive. And I find out about it and then she knows I have history with the prosecutor. And so they link arms and share this information with a bit of a plan for when Grace is going to go on the stand. It’s a conversation that happens where a lot still remains unspoken. I don’t believe that when we go into the courtroom that day I know for sure what’s going to happen. But it’s the beginning of laying out that path and putting those pieces in place for that moment to be possible.