Bethesda Doom’s Eternal Releases Battlemode Improvements In New Update 2.1 With A Ton Of Patch Fixes

Bethesda Doom’s Eternal Releases Battlemode Improvements In New Update 2.1 With A Ton Of Patch Fixes

Bethesda just released a new update for Doom Eternal, solving some bugs and introducing some Battlemode improvements.

In a part of the Battlemode improvements, you find the Weapon Quick Switch return, network latency, Mancubus ability to shoot after a double jump, and many more!

Here’s a list of the updates taken from Bethseda’s Doom Eternal official page:

New Game Improvements • Weapon Quick Switch has been enabled again in both Campaign and Battlemode (Thanks again for your passionate community feedback!) • Made further improvements to networking latency in Battlemode • Added the ability for the Mancubus to shoot after starting a double jump in Battlemode • Maykr Drones have been added back into some loadouts in Battlemode bonus loot drops have been removed from headshots against the Maykr Drone in B Battlemode.

New Batllemode Balance Updates • Reduced The Slayer’s Precision Bolt damage in Battlemode against player demons from 400 damage to 300 damage • Reduced The Slayer’s starting bullet ammo in Battlemode from 84 bullets to 72 bullets

As mentioned earlier, the Doom Eternal 2.1 update introduces a lot of patches and fixes for the primary campaign.

Here’s a list of the patches below:

• Fixed an issue with the Gladiator failing to drop health while staggered • Fixed an issue with the Khan Maykr failing to drop health when Blood Punched • I also fixed a rare issue where AI became invulnerable after a failed Glory Kill. • Fixed issues with the Cacodemon not responding appropriately to Meathook or Blood Punch attacks while choking on a grenade • Fixed an issue with Zombies ragdolling incorrectly when killed • They also fixed Baron of Hell leg animations displaying incorrectly in certain circumstances. • Fixed a graphics issue with the gibs that display when Glory Killing the Archvile from the front • Fixed an Extra Life Mode issue that caused extra lives to be removed during the Revenant gameplay sequence in Cultist Base • They also fixed an issue causing notifications for rewards to display repeatedly. • Fixed an issue where challenges would be displayed on screen for an extended period if another problem were completed while displayed

The fixes are much, like the remaining below:

• Fixed a crash in Battlemode when backing out of a private match • Fixed a crash in Batllemode on the Round Upgrade menu • Also fixed an issue in B where selecting a demon simultaneously would display podiums incorrectly. • Fixed an issue in Battlemode where the Marauder’s wolf didn’t always deal damage and explode when attacking.

The Slayer • Fixed an issue in Battlemode with the Damage Report displaying incorrect damage numbers • Also fixed an issue in Battlemode that would cause health/ammo loot visuals to persist when Loot Block was used while the slayer was chainsawing AI. • Fixed several descriptions for Battlemode Round Upgrades to more accurately reflect current functionality • Fixed an issue in Battlemode where level progress would sometimes display incorrectly to other players in the lobby

Battlemode Fixes • Fixed an issue in Battlemode that would cause the title to crash when loading into a match with HDR enable d on some graphics cards • Also fixed a rare crash when the Archvile teleported while the BFG was equipped in Battlemode. • Fixed an issue in Battlenode where enemy hit sound effects would revert to default after installing a new game patch

Doom Eternal is currently available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 globally. By the way, Bethesda is offering the game at a deeply discounted price at the moment, so there’s no better time than now to get it and join the wagon.